Insignia commenced operations in 1996 as a travel-related service and payment card provider; today, Insignia is an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle management group with a global presence.

Membership at Insignia is strictly by invitation only for ultra-high and high-net-worth individuals who represent extraordinary spending power. For the past two decades, Insignia has delivered the highest calibre of products and services shrouded in a vow of discretion to ensure our members’ privacy is always protected.

Insignia first opened its offices in Malta in 2011.


Insignia approached Codeblock to rewrite and rebuild their internal systems in order to equip the team with the tools they need to effectively, easily and accurately monitor transactions, card usage, generate financial statements, and turn vast amounts of data into actionable reports ready to share with the appropriate stakeholders.


The Codeblack team developed a constellation of interconnected portals the Insignia team can easily interface with and use to monitor the many processes vital to the operation of Insignia. This allowed the Insignia team to optimise their own security measures and extend an unprecedented level of security they provide to their high-profile clients; moreover, the system gave Insignia far greater control over the management, processing and creation of requests by their clients, drastically increasing the speed of their operations while reducing costs.