As the pioneers of tech-driven cab services in Malta, eCabs is easily one of the island’s most recognisable brands in the passenger transportation industry.

The Codeblack team, having over five years of experience working in software development for the transport industry, was approached by eCabs to help them develop and scale up their business by creating a commission management software.


Recognising that the needs of the business is outgrowing the capacities of their own internal development team, eCabs approached Codeblack to develop an online portal where they can manage and track the commission arrangements they had ongoing with various corporate clients, which included hotels, concierge services, chauffeurs, and other hospitality-related businesses.

Without this system, eCabs were tracking and rewarding corporate clients who earned commissions by referring their customers to eCabs manually, this led to severe inefficiencies and human errors.


Codeblack created an online portal that featured a 3-level tier company structure, allowing eCabs, its corporate clients, and their sales representatives to seamlessly engage and interact with each other.

Thanks to this commission management system, eCabs was able to calculate the sales team compensation accurately and faster, ensure consistent and accurate commissions payments, remotely monitor salespersons performance and other data, drastically lower administrative costs associated with sales reps remuneration and compensation management, deliver real-time visibility across the business, and easily create audit trails for sales transaction.