Lift Services Ltd is a long standing family-owned Maltese company that makes available a vast range of vertical transport products and services. With over 35 years of experience, Lift Services has consolidated its position as a leader in its industry.

The Challenge

Lift Services approached Codeblack to develop an enterprise resource planning system that can consolidate data from across Lift Service’s different departments and automate its business processes, financial operations, and administrative tasks.

This included the tracking, updating and integration of data such as stock availability of different parts, models and mechanisms, the organising, tracking and assigning of tasks; and the processing of invoices, orders, requests and transactions between LiftServices, its suppliers, and its clients.

Lift Services has a diverse of vertical transportation systems, from platforms lifts to stairlifts to designer lifts which require not pit or shaft to operate. Moreover, Lift Services offers maintenance agreements, emergency repairs, replacement of parts and a diverse range of modular modernisations. Due to the large number of products and services under its portfolio, the most important priority for Codeblack was striking a balance between making the system complex enough to take into account all the necessary variables involved, and designing a user interface that’s easy to understand, use and navigate for LiftServices employees.

The Results:

The system created by Codeblack was developed in 2019 and went operational in 2020. In 2021, Lift Services doubled its investment in the system in order to develop and add the quotation sub-system that took into account a large array of complex variables, such as time spent on tasks, nature of task, changes made, models and autoparts required, etc. This system automated and facilitated various aspects involved in the issuing of quotations, most importantly eliminating the need for technicians and employees to manually consult different guidebooks in order to fill in the quotation form. Thanks to this addition, quoting time was reduced from three hours to 15 minutes.

Prior to incorporating our enterprise resource planning system, Lift Services was losing a lot of money and time due to missing invoices and documentations, data duplication, and human error. The system designed by Codeblack helped Lift Services dramatically reduce its costs and accelerate its processes by up to eight times. Moreover, the system offered the managers at Lift Services the capacity to remotely track the company’s progress and monitor its various processes and operations.